The 1st Annual Thumb Toast to The Frood: No fire or bread heater required.

hqdefaultOn Saturday, March 11th in honor of the birthday of Douglas Adams Thumb Toast to The Frood will be the annual Douglas Adams Birthday Tribute event hosted by Galactic Hitchhikers. A pre-cursor to the Towel Day festivities if you will.

A few of our inter-dimensional members thought it would be a pretty neat idea, something in league with digital watches, to honor the first of Froods, Douglas Adams, on his birthday.  There are a number of authors who have their birthday honored by fans via a Toast or visit to a location associated with said author. For example J.R.R Tolkien has had an annual birthday toast for decades hosted by The Tolkien Society and fans around the globe.  In addition H.P. Lovecraft fans visit his grave and read from his work. Therefore, Galactic Hitchhikers would like to honor Douglas Adams in a similar fashion, but on a more Galactic scale.

imagesTHE TOAST 
We encourage everyone to gather at their home, favorite pub, restaurant or venue of their choice to raise a thumb, and glass to Douglas Adams.
When everyone is gathered, at 8 PM local time stand, raise your thumb in salute and state together: “TO THE FROOD!” and afterward take a glass of your choice of beverage (not necessarily alcoholic), take a swig, sit and enjoy the rest of your drink.
GH2016 RD join us“TO THE FROOD!”

We highly encourage everyone to gather for local events, bring your towel and copies of your favorite Douglas Adams book, read selections from them and have fun. Please take pictures and post them here in the comments section or submit them to the Galactic Hitchhikers page.

Please check out our official Galactic Hitchhiker’s Page to add your toasting location and libation of choice. This is a global event, more galactic actually, and we would like to add everyone to the page who have participated. Additionally you can click here to visit our facebook event page.

You and 42: A Douglas Adams Fan Anthology

Greetings from the outer reaches of the Western Spiral Arm,

youn42imgHowdy Hoopy Froods! Anthony here, with a few thoughts on You and 42: A Douglas Adams Fan Anthology.  It was prior to the summer, and a previous incarnation of this website that I announced You and 42, which will be published by Watching Books and proceeds donated to charity.  Since that time I have received a great number of contributions and have added those authors to the project website found by clicking here. There are a few authors that are members of the Galactic Hitchhikers community who have contributed essays, three that come to mind are Demetria Blacksmith and Jared McLaughlin. In addition our own GH Founder and President of the Galaxy Zaxley Nash will be contributing an essay concerning our Galactic Hitchhiker community and of the HG2G Television series.  I am extraordinarily grateful for their brilliant contributions and to the others who have done so as well.

However, in recent weeks and months I had to focus on a few others projects, one of them being my health, and that of my wife as we have had a few ailments to deal with. Due to this You and 42 was on a bit of a break, but we continued to receive wonderful emails and contributions for the project. As of today the project page is up to date for accepted essays thus far.
Additionally in the time I have noticed that our Galactic Hitchhikers community has grown considerably so there may be a few of you who are not aware of this book project.

What is YOU and 42 about? Here is a bit of details from the project webpage:

Do you know where your towel is? Do you often ask if there is tea aboard a spaceship? Do you find difficulty with your lifestyle or can’t get the hang of Thursdays? Or, rather than consulting a map, do you find someone who looks like they know where they’re going and follow them? It very rarely gets you where you wanted to go but always where you needed to be.

hqdefaultIf you hadn’t guessed it, YOU AND 42 is going to be a volume of essays about the life and work of Douglas Adams. The format, as per usual, will be a series of essays each focusing on a particular area or production, through which the authors can talk about their personal experiences of Adams and his work. We are not looking for reviews, rather the kind of essays we prefer are those that take a more autobiographical or anecdotal slant; this book is about the “YOU” as much as it is the “42”. Having said that, we appreciate that Adams is a popular and complex author, and this time we’ll be happy to mix it up a bit, by including essays of all kinds as long as they encompass the theme of Douglas Adams touching our lives in some way.

For the full list of details on how to contribute please click to visit the project page

There is no deadline at the moment, and you do not have to be a professional writer to contribute. This is a fan anthology where fans can tell their stories of how Douglas Adams has touched their life in some way. Please refer to the above page link to see a list of topics, and if you would like to pitch an idea you can send all queries to Anthony at

Zaxley and Nicole’s Wedding Reception Shin-Dig Thing


LIVE TODAY! 6pm CST Zaxley and Nicole’s Wedding Reception Shin-Dig Thing!!! (And Friday Bingo) Join us for a very special hangout, celebrating the nuptials of Galactic Hitchhikers founder and wife! Order and pizza, and grab a six pack, see the celebration 13 years in the making!


The Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster


There are literally dozens of recipes for the most revered drink in existence, the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster.  In my alcoholism, which I have lovingly re-imagined as research, I set out to try them all. After a few versions I decided that the whole lot was bloody off, and set out on a new mission to create the ultimate version. I spent a couple years bar-tending in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming, where indeed alcoholism is not only accepted as a way of life, it is in fact the sport of choice. With plenty of test subjects, aka victims, and all the booze of a fully stocked bar I began tinkering.

The recipe I favor the most of the many myriad available online is the one they serve at Zaphod’s in Ottawa Canada. It is fairly simple and straightforward, and much favored because of cost and availability. Typically around four to five bucks USD, the Zaphod’s version has a lot to say for itself.

Zaphod’s Recipe-

In a cocktail glass with ice combine:zaphod-beeblebrox_256324

1 ½ oz. Jack Daniels

¾ oz. Peach Tree/Peach Schnapps

¾ oz. Blue Curacao

Fill remaining space with orange juice


This version was very popular at the bar I tended, and to my knowledge is still being served there under the misnomer “Pau-Galactic Gargleblaster,” My lower case “n’s” tend to look like “u’s” when I scribble quickly, and this mistake was put into print after I left the mountain. A rose by any other name, right? This recipe became the base for my further experiments. It has the right essence, but not the oomph if you savvy. Where was the large gold brick with the lemon wrapped around it? At the cost of countless thousands of both my own, and my test subject’s brain cells, experimentation led to the following wallop to the head and wallet.

The Galactic Hitchhikers/Zaxley Nash Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster- images

Prepare a pint glass full of ice. In a shaker half filled with ice, combine:

¾ oz. Jack Daniels

¾ oz. Vodka

¾ oz. Tequila (Patron preferred)

¾ oz. Malibu Rum

¾ oz. Gin

¾ oz. Triple Sec

¾ oz. Hpnotiq

¾ oz. Peach Tree/Peach Schnapps

¾ oz. Amaretto

¾ oz. Blue Curacao

Approximately ½ oz. (one “bloop”) Orange Juice (Or better yet Mango juice)

Shake well and pour into pint glass. Garnish with as much fruit as possible, preferably to an extreme. Little umbrellas are a strong plus if not a must. As a rule the bartender may drink any remaining beverage in the shaker. Alternately this recipe can be made into shots. How many shots? Do the math.  I was never that kind of bartender.


A few notes on this beverage:

  • It is expensive. Typically around 15 to 20 dollars each, this is where the large gold brick comes into play, you’ll need one to pay the bar tab.
  • This is a great choice when someone says they want to buy a round.
  • Never drink more than two Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters unless you are a thirty ton mega elephant with bronchial pneumonia
  • In my time as a bartender this drink was directly responsible for a great deal of chaos and silliness, including but not limited to: One bruised elbow. Harassment of cattle. Single car non-moving traffic accidents; fourteen stitches, gallons of vomit on the bar, and a burning sofa chair. The management of the establishment asked after a time that I no longer serve them to the “general public”
  • This drink can be a great and terrible way to play catch up when friends have a head start
  • It is best to have this recipe written on a card or piece of paper for the barkeep, easier for you and them.


Share and enjoy my friends, and if you ever find your way to a bar way up in the Bighorns don’t tell them Zaxley sent you….they are most likely mad about exactly how deeply I carved my name into the wood of the bathroom wall.