Slouch Fund 2023

For the love of beer, and cats

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy details many kinds of social gatherings in the many kinds of known species and civilizations. Formal, informal, for business or pleasure, mating, to celebrate, mourn, or depose a tyrannical government; The are far more ways to gather sentient and semi-sentient, non-sentient, and artificial lifeforms than there even are sentient and semi-sentient, non-sentient, and artificial lifeforms. In short, people like to get together. 

For example, the Decapodian people of Decapod 10 swarm to their home planet during their mating season. The crustacean like creatures enact elaborate courtship rituals on the planet’s beaches, before disappearing underwater for a flurry of carnal indulgences which leads to the fertilization of their eggs. While guaranteeing another generation to come, the mating results in the certain deaths of the Decapodians afterwards. 

When a single Hitchhiker is slacking on a ratty old sofa in a forgotten starport on the wrong side of the Trifid Nebula, it is called loitering. When two or more Hitchhikers join together to do the same it becomes a Slouch. 

When they dig through the dark recesses of the sofa for change and possible sources of nutrition, it becomes a Slouch Fund Drive.

I was going to skip the fundraiser this year...

A word from Zaxley Nash

Galactic Hitchhikers is currently being rebuilt on a new platform that will add a ton of really hoopy features. More on all that later, but the new site is far from ready. I am dedicated to relaunching only when 100% can be moved over to the new platform. Because of formatting differences between platforms this has to be done blog by blog, page by page. Even as it is a labor of love, it is time consuming and I have more than a full time job to attend to already.


To preserve the history we share on the site, I paid for another year out of pocket. I sincerely despise having to do these fundraisers every year. I am always absolutely flabbergasted by the generosity of our community, but having to beg always sets me off from the normal pretending I am not as broke as I am that I tend to enjoy. I was going to just throw it on my PayPal credit and let T-Shirt and sticker  sales take care of the bill, as t-shirt and sticker sales are intended to. Six months no interest on PayPal credit, after all, but then Rebubble changed the way they pay out artists.    


With new tiers and tier fees I will not likely be getting paid out every month with the modest sales I make. It got harder to hit the minimum pay threshold before new tier fees, and less possible to pay off the site bill before interest charges hit.


So once again, I am reaching out to all of you froods. Can ya spare a few bucks? 

Anyone donating this year will be invited to our forthcoming research and development group for the new site, and will get exclusive details on the progress, as well as sneak peeks. You’ll also be invited to receive the “Hoopy Frood” community role tag in our Facebook group.

Our community is powered by hoopy froods like you! Your donations help keep us running!


Contrary to what even our vivid imaginations can dream up, Galactic Hitchhikers does not make even a single Altarian Dollar. We really should try once in a while, but until then we depend on our members and generous visitors to chip in. We don’t advertise on our site, nor do we do the annoying thing where you have to click next page to see each sentence of a story, to keep running ad free we just need a wee bit of help.


Slouching since 2011, we can keep on truckin here advertisement free, providing the same quality entertainment to our community as you have all grown to sort of remember seeing. You can sleep on our sofa when you need to, we just ask that everyone throw down on the proverbial beer run.

We know not everyone has a million bucks, but can you spare one?

Click HERE to Donate to our Slouch Fund!