Slouch Fund 2021

For the love of beer, and cats

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy details many kinds of social gatherings in the many kinds of known species and civilizations. Formal, informal, for business or pleasure, mating, to celebrate, mourn, or depose a tyrannical government; The are far more ways to gather sentient and semi-sentient, non-sentient, and artificial lifeforms than there even are sentient and semi-sentient, non-sentient, and artificial lifeforms. In short, people like to get together. 

For example, the Decapodian people of Decapod 10 swarm to their home planet during their mating season. The crustacean like creatures enact elaborate courtship rituals on the planet’s beaches, before disappearing underwater for a flurry of carnal indulgences which leads to the fertilization of their eggs. While guaranteeing another generation to come, the mating results in the certain deaths of the Decapodians afterwards. 

When a single Hitchhiker is slacking on a ratty old sofa in a forgotten starport on the wrong side of the Trifid Nebula, it is called loitering. When two or more Hitchhikers join together to do the same it becomes a Slouch. 

When they dig through the dark recesses of the sofa for change and possible sources of nutrition, it becomes a Slouch Fund Drive.

Your 2021 Slouch Fund Contributions will go towards:

  • Yearly website upkeep. Gotta pay the rent
  • Major site overhaul coming soon, we need new crayons
  • The return of membership profiles, once again you’ll be able to officially join the unofficial soiree in progress.
  • Prizes for our Second Annual Worst Dressed Sentient in the Known Universe Contest
  • Beer

Our community is powered by hoopy froods like you! Your donations help keep us running!


Contrary to what even our vivid imaginations can dream up, Galactic Hitchhikers does not make even a single Altarian Dollar. We really should try once in a while, but until then we depend on our members and generous visitors to chip in. We don’t advertise on our site, nor do we do the annoying thing where you have to click next page to see each sentence of a story, to keep running ad free we just need a wee bit of help.


Slouching since 2011, we can keep on truckin here advertisement free, providing the same quality entertainment to our community as you have all grown to sort of remember seeing. You can sleep on our sofa when you need to, we just ask that everyone throw down on the proverbial beer run.

We know not everyone has a million bucks, but can you spare one?

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The 2020 Slouch Fund Drive was a success!

If the Galactic Authorities inquire, these froods are responsible for a whole year of our nonsense and should be the first with their backs to the wall when the revolution comes.

Corrine Johnson

Cindy Townsend

Patt Cranage

Colin Bryant 

Marla Dunkin

Katie Appeldorn

Jerry Cheek

Ford Anglia 

Kiran Nayak

Alan Herbig

Sally Marsh

Alec Warner

Kristin Lenderking

Dawn Hayes

Philip Hall

John Chanaud  

Julie Guidry

Wilson Fisk

Heather Dodge

Marlene Wardell 

Norm Hussell

Devin Pike

James Hanlon

Carmen Pagan

Marjorie Ervin

Mal Mapes

Marla Dunkin

Angel Mayorga

Nancy Moran

Mark Franklin

Thomas Charlton

Ashley Cockrell 

Sherri Cook

Astrid Malachewitz

Anthony Branscum

Lisa Aydelette

Erik Due Hansen

Larry Hanson

Ruthellen Sutton

Stefan Gemzell 

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The 2019 Slouch Fund Drive was a success!

We’d like to give a great big hoopy thank you to all the froods who made another year of our nonsense possible!

A. Nonymous

Karolyn Timarkos

Jason McDowell

Erik Hansen

Sara Webb

Christopher James

Gordon Macfarlane

Paul Adams

Ano Nymous

Andrew Brown

Darcy Mies

Paul Long

Mark Walls

Stefan Gemzell

Gabriella Sepsik

Jay Rainha

Cristopher Benson

Marla Dunkin

Anony Mous

Norm Hussell

Special Thanks to everyone who shared our posts!