WDSB 2023: The Fourth Annual Worst Dressed Sentient Being in the Known Universe Contest

It’s THAT time of year again! Galactic Hitchhikers is hosting the fashion faux pas gala event of the year!

Do you have a style all of your own, because no one in their right mind dare imitate you? Do people turn their heads and stare at you when you pass by, then turn away suddenly in hopes of avoiding even starting to begin to speculate what you are thinking? Have you found new an innovative uses for socks?

If so, you might just be the Worst Dressed Sentient Being in the Known Universe!

Enter to win the disdain and/or acclaim, and some pretty hoopy prizes by strutting your stuff on the living room runway or kitchen catwalk! Show off your galactic gear and fashion faux pas, cosmic cosplays, and slouch wear flare!

First Place winner gets an exclusive t-shirt courtesy of Galactic Hitchhikers to warn others of their unique style and/or lack thereof.

How to Enter

Make a two minute video highlighting your style and post it to YouTube, use the form below to submit your entry. We’ll put your video on the refrigerator for everyone to see.

Voting will start on May 19th and extend until May 25th, when we’ll announce the winners on Towel Day Classy or trashy, posh or gauche, all fashion faults are welcome. Show us Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear fare. Silly, or sexy, robot or otherwise…let’s see your best worst!

First Place: Galactic Hitchhikers T-shirt warning others of your utter lack of fashion.

Second Place: Galactic Hitchhikers stickers.

Third Place: Galactic Hitchhikers stickers


The Rules:

Contest participants agree to have their videos and likenesses spammed across the multiverse, not limited to any temporal location or dimension in space time. After swallowing the combined Vl’Hurg and G’Gugvuntts battlefleet, an imaginary council convened and has banned the Airbud clause; i.e. The Worst Dressed Sentient Being in the Known Universe Contest is limited to species that are humanoid, or can take humanoid form. If you do not have a humanoid form, store bought is fine.

YouTube videos must be set to public, and marked not made for kids, so they can be easily shared and added to a playlist. Videos must be family friendly, SFW, and PG-13ish, noting that Barbarella was Pg-13. Entries should be around two minutes in length. The judges will award favor for production value, and use of science fiction themes. Video submissions must be in by moringish, May 19th, mind the whooshing sound.

There are no judges. Voting begins on May 19th, and will extend until Towel Day on May 25th. Galactic Hitchhikers will announce the winners on our Towel Day Live stream, May 25th. (Time to be announced.)

Enter by May 15th!

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