Zaxley and Nicole’s Wedding Reception Shin-Dig Thing


LIVE TODAY! 6pm CST Zaxley and Nicole’s Wedding Reception Shin-Dig Thing!!! (And Friday Bingo) Join us for a very special hangout, celebrating the nuptials of Galactic Hitchhikers founder and wife! Order and pizza, and grab a six pack, see the celebration 13 years in the making!


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  • theforgottendiva

    Congratulations Zaxley and Nicole! All good things happen in their own time. I’m so pleased for you both and wish you many more happy years together. Wish I could be there in person, but wrong coast, you know? Hope to make it to the hangout, but at the very least John and I will toast you at the appropriate time. We’ve been happily unmarried for 13 years too 😄 Love you bunches, you hoopy froods!

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