October 14th, 2016

Raise a glass for Zaxley and Nicole!

Please join us on Sub-Etha Channel 42 at 6pm CST to celebrate a unique event: our hoopy founders and lovely (and terribly tolerant!) wife’s wedding reception. For anyone who misses it, we will be bouncing it through Youtube so that you may enjoy it whenever you wish, as time is an illusion.


Links to follow after the event.

Feel free to add any comments to the various articles here and we will make a wedding album to send to the happy couple on their honeymoon on Santraginus V (borrowed a Stargate from a friend who owed me a favor. What did I need a third kidney for?!).

Please raise a glass to the happy couple and check out the Hangouts for an epically froody party! And yes, that is my local equivalent to a Gargle Blaster!

Cheers and stay tuned

Sub-Etha 42

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  • Post authorDemetria Blacksmith

    Wishing them all the best from far away! Bit sorry for not seeing them actually getting hitched or the reception itself, but we were there in soul, guys. We love you very much! <3

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