Galactic Hitchhikers Presents: Our Big Easy Road Trip!



The moon rises over the bayou, casting a strange glow on the Spanish moss draped in the darkness. Somewhere a pot of gumbo cooks in a Voodoo Queen’s lair. A man orders a po-boy from a restaurant while beside him a jazz musician plays his horn and fills the streets with the sounds of well…..jazz. There are more than likely more things than this in New


There and back again

Orleans, Vampires I guess, but we don’t really know. In fact nobody does.

Boldly we volunteer to finally solve the mystery of what exactly a New Orleans is. Is it really just a single New Orlean, or are there more than one? And what exactly happened to the old Orleans? Grab your towel and join Galactic Hitchhikers in an action packed adventure thrill ride to wow the senses as we hit the road for the Big Easy! To celebrate our recent nuptials, and the general desperate need for a vacation, we are driving from our home near Chicago to New Orleans and back. As is tradition, we’ll stopping at all the finest road side oddities along the way. From mom and pop greasy spoons in the middle of nowhere, to the gift shops that time forgot, Galactic Hitchhikers will leave no stone un-turned to find action, excitement, and really wild things! Or at minimum we’ll be drinking in strange places, rather than drinking until our place seems strange….and/or drinking until our place doesn’t seem strange as mood and/or state of mind decrees; you know: Action and Adventure!

Once in New Orleans we’ll have field reports nightly, posted to our hoopy home on Facebook.

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Friday, 10-28-16-While stopping for a couple days in neighboring Slidell LA, we meander the region just outside the city and visit two famous plantations, the Laura Plantation, and Oak Alley. Odds are we can find an authentic Mint Julep somewhere along the way.

Saturday, 10-29-16- After checking in to the famed Roosevelt Hotel, and checking out it’s


Seems like a nice place to get thrown out of

equally famous Sazerac Bar, we’ll visit the renowned Voodoo Museum.  Later that night we’ll take a tour of the French Quarter with as-seen-on-TV Psychic-Tour guide, Voodoo


The Voodoo Bone Lady herself

practitioner and life coach “The Voodoo Bone Lady,” who’ll regale us with tales of voodoo and witches, vampires, and pirates of local lore.


Then back to the bar.

Sunday 10-30-16- We will be touring the Garden District. We’ll scope out the coolest mansions, and see if we can scare up some fun in the Lafayette Cemetery. Later we’ll be touring the French Quarter again, this time with Vampires. We’ll explore the city’s nightlife, and end the evening with drinks in a vampire bar. Maybe someone will give us the choice they never had.

Monday 10-30-16- We’ll raise our glasses at the oldest bar in New Orleans, LafItte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, and meet with Bloody Mary for a Tour of the Undead. We’ll spend Halloween with ghosts, and voodoo and even more vampires! Then probably the bar again, Always probably the bar again.


Stay tuned, high adventure on the way!

We’ll even be checking in for  Sub-Etha Channel 42 for Therapy Thursday and for the regular Sunday hangout!


Zaxley Nash and wife Devon Nash, Galactic Hitchhikers  Chief of Anthropology  


The world around you is not what it seems…

There is a war for our very minds, and it isn’t coming….it’s already here. Around the globe wear_resistance_portal_bgthere are anomalies, portals that exude a substance called Exotic Matter, or XM, into our world. Exotic Matter is both matter and energy at the same time, and seems to manifest around places where human endeavors have been wrought. Statues and monuments, places of importance or man-man aesthetic beauty open these portals. Investigating scientists and researchers at Niantic Labs developed software to tap into the portals.

There were some who saw this software as a means to control, and weaponized the technology. Persuaded by inter-dimensional aliens called Shapers, they saw XM as the next step in human evolution. The Enlightened, as they call themselves, seek to help the Shapers enter our world, it has already happened at least once. They would fill the Earth and enslave our minds, covering the planet in control fields built by linking portals that they have conquered. Linking3

This planet’s last hope for freedom lies in the Resistance. We are everywhere the Shapers send their denizens against humanity. We fight to liberate the portals they control, armed with our scanners….cell phones transformed by Niantic’s software, we battle these so called Enlightened and the Shaper masters for the sake of all those who call Earth their home.

tumblr_mt55nv8WSr1qknyxlo1_400While I am not originally from this world, I live here now. (At least until I can get a ride someplace cooler.) People of Earth let me tell you this: Inter or cross dimensional types are typically assholes. I mean come on, you have a whole dimension of your own, why bother us? Like a stray Targ, feed them and they will keep coming back; and probably eat your neighbors. Inter-dimensional beings always seem to need something from you, fluid from your pineal gland, 9/16” sockets, or control of your mind….it’s like they never learned manners. A guy from the 10th Dimension borrowed my lawnmower once, they don’t even have grass in the 10th Dimension, and he hasn’t brought it back in 8 years. What is he even doing with it? Come to think of it, I don’t have a lawn either what was I doing with it? Anyways, those sorts are never a good idea to bump elbows with. Do I even need to remind you of that Guide Mark II business?

Blue Towels for the Resistance! We need YOU to join us, and fight against the alien invasion upon us. Even if the machines we built are slowing themselves enslaving us….at least WE built those machines!