Just 'zis guy, you know?

Zaxley Nash: 2012 Towel Day Ambassador. Founder of Galactic Hitchhikers, and Space Pope of Froodism. Teacher of the ways of the Taowelism, the Tao of the Towel. Self proclaimed professional slacker, and pizza enthusiast. A weird space wizard of some kind, diagonally parked in a parallel universe. Self Aggrandizing Speaker of Self in the Third Person…

Should be considered armed and dangerous. Wanted in relation to 27 counts of interstellar piracy, and unrelated charges of theft, smuggling, common nuisance, loitering, skipping of bar tabs, illegal time travel, smoking in designated non smoking star systems, monkey laundering, treason, robot abuse, fraudulent representation as a religious minister, farting in restricted airlocks, jaywalking, serving alcohol to Minotaurs, computer heckling, contraband possession, arson, and intent to use explosive devices in the name of journalism.

Under no circumstances allow him to buy you a drink.

Originally from New Betel, a small colony world in the vicinity of Betelgeuse in the XY8S Z GAMMA star system. Before coming to the Earth Zaxley found work as a space pirate, and a smuggler, sometimes taking part time jobs as a bartender.

Zaxley Nash,  founder of Galactic Hitchhikers and Field Researcher.

Roughing it, slumming it, facing terrible odds.

Copious amounts of beer.

Action, adventure, and really wild things.

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