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July 3rd, 2016

BREAKING: D.A.D. is Coming your way!

Hey there, fellow Hitchhikers! Have you ever sat in front of your television device, looking at the people shown and…

Sub-Etha 42
July 2nd, 2016

Google update

As a little weekend bonus, Google has seen fit to let us be visible to froods who roam the little…

Life, the Universe, and Everything
June 30th, 2016

Therapy Thursdays

For all hitchhikers out in the Asylum, we offer some relief for your Thursday. Please join us at 8pm GMT/5pm…

Cocktails Life, the Universe, and Everything
June 29th, 2016

The Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster

  There are literally dozens of recipes for the most revered drink in existence, the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster.  In my…

Life, the Universe, and Everything
June 28th, 2016

Sound file update

A new website, so now some freshly connected links. Will post fresh tracks as they become available.  Thank you and…

Life, the Universe, and Everything Sub-Etha 42
June 28th, 2016

Please join us!

The Sub-Etha transceiver has been upgraded thanks to donated spare parts. We cordially invite all Hitchhikers currently stranded on Earth…

Coming Soon From the Editors Sub-Etha 42
June 24th, 2016

Join us this Sunday!

This week on Galactic Hitchhikers Sub-Etha Channel 42 we talk about the new site, it’s goals, and our future. As…

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June 20th, 2016


Please check back soon!  Mind the mess as we get our act together. Lots of fun to come, excitement, adventure,…