Raise a glass for Zaxley and Nicole!

Please join us on Sub-Etha Channel 42 at 6pm CST to celebrate a unique event: our hoopy founders and lovely (and terribly tolerant!) wife’s wedding reception. For anyone who misses it, we will be bouncing it through Youtube so that you may enjoy it whenever you wish, as time is an illusion.


Links to follow after the event.

Feel free to add any comments to the various articles here and we will make a wedding album to send to the happy couple on their honeymoon on Santraginus V (borrowed a Stargate from a friend who owed me a favor. What did I need a third kidney for?!).

Please raise a glass to the happy couple and check out the Hangouts for an epically froody party! And yes, that is my local equivalent to a Gargle Blaster!

Cheers and stay tuned


Google update

As a little weekend bonus, Google has seen fit to let us be visible to froods who roam the little blue dot we call Earth. Not to shabby for four months of being “On Etha”. Looking forward to bringing the DNA community more hoopy original content, interviews, recordings, as well as a way to get together anytime/anywhere to all froods who can bang the rocks together. Thank you and please stay tuned.

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Therapy Thursdays

For all hitchhikers out in the Asylum, we offer some relief for your Thursday. Please join us at 8pm GMT/5pm EST/4pm CST for a break in your Thursday slouch. If you can’t handle it, at least you can find other froods who cannot handle it either and hope to cope.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 7.35.54 PM


Reach out and hit the friendly big red button or join the Google+ community: SE42


Join us for our new Second weekly Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

Hitchhikers of Earth, your attention please:

Please join us for our new second Sunday time spot at GMT 3:30pm / BST 4:30pm!

Sub-Etha 42 is a community dedicated to all things DNA, sci-fi, and just froody conversations via video, audio, or text depending on your technology, and comfort level. As we have a new web site, please check us out:

Our SE42 Community page. Links to the hangout and more!

Once you join up, the Hangouts link is merely following the friendly red button.




Please join us!

The Sub-Etha transceiver has been upgraded thanks to donated spare parts. We cordially invite all Hitchhikers currently stranded on Earth to join us. Feel free to use the Sub-Etha medium at any time for connecting to the DNA community, and share and enjoy (if we don’t run out of pigs of course).