Towel Day Ambassador 2014
Joel Ranger

Name: Joel Ranger

Where will you be toasting from?
the frozen wasteland which makes up part of Canada

Drink of choice?¬†Zaxley’s Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster

Comment:Cheers and a toast to two great gentlemen whose works helped make me who I am.. to the Frood, Douglas Adams, and to Sir Terry Pratchett..both wordsmiths extraordinaire
Thank you to you both .. words fail me now.. but you will never be forgotten..


Ruthellen Hooker Sutton


Name: Conni Mc Morris

Where will you be toasting from?: Home in Appalachia on the Coal River

Drink of choice?: Sweet Red Wine

Comment: I would like a pan galactic gargle blaster, come to think of it¬† Must go ingredients shopping….


Name: Matthew Atias

Where will you be toasting from?: Chicago, IL

Drink of choice?: Rum and Diet Coke.

Comment: To the one and only Douglas Noel Adams. Your life and work was a blessing for many, and you will always fondly be remembered.


Aaron Hutsell

Where will you be toasting from?: Las Vegas, NV

Drink of choice?: Blue Moon

Comment: To the man that taught me anything is improbable!!!

Name: Jeff Rodgers

Where will you be toasting from?: Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Drink of choice?: Coffee

Comment: The following morning, we will be actually venturing into huge underground tunnels. I’ll let you know if we spot any planets in progress.


Name: Sarah H

Where will you be toasting from?: Geneva Steam Convention (Delevan, WI USA)

Drink of choice?: Whatever I can get my hands on at the party

Comment: Cheers to the Frood that helped shape my humor and frame of thinking as a child. My mom raised me on Hitchhikers and Monty Python. We’ll be together with our better halves (at a steampunk convention) toasting to Douglas Adams at a party. Maybe someone will ask us to see their space ship.

Name: Anthony Burdge

Where will you be toasting from?: Galactic Hitchhikers East HQ, Staten Island, NY

Drink of choice?:¬†Green Tea (Alcohol doesn’t agree with me any longer)

Comment: A Toast, and Cheer to the First of Froods! My wife and I shall raise a thumb, and glass, to the one who has kept us in high spirits for a long time. Thank you so very much for being such an inspiration in so many areas of our life.