April 27th, 2018

Galactic Hitchhikers Slouch Fund Donation Drive!

Donation drive2

It’s that time of year again folks… Galactic Hitchhhikers needs you!

The rent is due for our hoopy haven here…

This year we are raising money for site upgrades, what kind of upgrades you ask? Good ones. We will be adding membership and members profiles, a forum for you old folks who still like forums , and a ton of other cool features that will make our hoopy home a more fun ride for everyone!

You contribution to our community effort will help provide more of the quality SLOUCH FUNDentertainment you’ve come to love. Aside from the upgrades, this year we’ll be expanding our YouTube presence, sending more Field Researchers to events, more giveaways, contests, and more!

You can donate directly, or by shopping at our Redbubble Store, grab some great threads and show your love for the hoopiest community in the western spiral arm

We are aiming for a lofty $500.00 USD, but any little bit helps! We deeply appreciate any contribution! 

Click Here to Contribute, or hit the button below52a


  • Joel

    First donation in the bag

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    • Zaxley Nash

      Thanks Joel! GH is brought to you in part by hoopy froods like you!

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