Oh no, not again! ROUND TWO IS HERE! This is your chance to choose the rest of the finalists before the next round!

You have chosen your favourites from the last round. Now it is time to cast your vote in Round Two! So far, we are looking forward to a tight match. There are numbers there, and quite a lot of them! Especially Round One! What a surprise!

Round Two consists of previous applicants, Stefan and myself, Demi and our Wonder Woman, the newcomer D’arcy, prominent and well-respected member of our group!

The rules are the following:

“The Intergalactic Towel Day Ambassador will be determined through three rounds of voting. Round 1 (April 2-5): First three contestants. Round 2 (April 9-12): Last three contestants. Final round (April 16-19): Winners from Round 1 and 2, plus the next highest vote-getter from either Round 1 or 2. Official winner announced April 21. Only votes from people that like this page will count.”

So now that we established the rules, we should move onto introducing our next contestants!

But first, a quick catch up on the voting process as some of our dear voters have been reacting to videos and not the actual ballot paper. So here, a super simple explanation!


See? Easy! Simply visit the TOWEL DAY AMBASSADOR CONTEST page and like it to participate. Then you must remember to pick the emoji of the person you are voting for! This affects the order of the emojis and hence brings up the order of the participants. So use your head and support your next Towel Day Ambassador!

Now, without further ado, your next batch of contestants!

D’arcy, Time Lady and Towel Expert:


Stefan, Shape-shifter and Fjord Aficionado:

Demetria Blacksmith, Marvin Wannabe & The Worst Science Fiction Writer Ever:


So these are the participants of Round Two! Please, head to the TOWEL DAY AMBASSADOR CONTEST page and cast your vote. May the force be with you! Eh, Nevermind!

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