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STARDATE 2016.8.26.09
In just one week New York City will be the epicenter of Star Trek fandom with the major 50th Anniversary celebration event: Star Trek Mission New York.  It has been sometime since I have written here, due to varied health issues and publishing obligations over the summer, and wish to offer some info on the event my wife and I are attending.
As you may recall on the 4th of July I re-published my article, from the last incarnation of this website, For the Love of Star Trek, which unfortunately was my last article for GH. However, just around the same time I wrote For the Love of Star Trek my wife and I attended a screening of For the Love of Spock, from which my article title was inspired, a documentary by Leonard Nimoy’s son Adam. I shall be writing of that film very soon. In addition my colleagues Zaxley and Jared here at GH, interviewed Star Trek Author Keith DeCandido, which can be found here:

So there has not been an entire lack in Trek material here at GH from me, but I am very excited to attend my first Star Trek convention in many years. On September 2nd, through the 4th, at the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, Star Trek Mission New York star-trek-mission-new-york-logo-hiis the ultimate destination for Star Trek fans, filled with interactive exhibits, exclusive merchandise, celebrity guests, panels, screenings and will be an immersive experience featuring props and replicas from the TV shows and films, exclusive screenings, celebrity guests, panels featuring creators and film stars and much more.
My wife and I purchased our 3 Day Pass earlier this year and have been very excited about three days of Star Trek right here in our hometown.
ASB_LLAPWith an event as large as this every attendee has their own focus as to how they wish to enjoy the Con. My wife and I want to meet the television and film celebrities, but also are aiming to attend the literary oriented panels, such as the One on One with David Gerrald (writer of the TOS episode The Trouble with Tribbles), and the History and Future of Trek Novels with David Mack, Michael Jan Friedman and more.  The literary panels are not limited to just the two but are simply examples. There are of course the DS9, TNG and Enterprise cast reunion programs that are a must see, and anything with cast from TOS.
Click here to visit the full program list
As a collector of autographed photos I would love to get as many as possible, but with a limited budget I am only seeking ultimately one, and that is from William Shatner. If I can financially swing a few more then I would love to get a one from each Trek series. Unfortunately the last two events I attended and was in the same room as William Shatner he was whisked away and was not able to “meet” him.
Star-Trek-BridgeOutside of programs,panels and meeting Trek alum, I want to visit the TOS Enterprise Bridge created by Star Trek New Voyages/Phase 2 Creator James Cawley.  This replica of the bridge set is a labor of love for Cawley and has been painstakingly created from exact notes, documents, blueprints and other media related to the construction of the actual set used in the show. This recreation has been a part of the New Voyages filming in Ticonderoga NY and more recently open to tours as part of the Trekonderoga events.
A few friends here at GH may recall in recent years my wife and I were accepted to write for the Trek fan series, Star Trek Anthology, which was supposed to film originally in Ticonderoga, then switched to another TOS era studio, Starbase Studios in Oklahoma. However with the recent CBS fan film guidelines Anthology, and a number of other fan productions switched from being a Trek based show to a unique and whole new creation.  Unfortunately due to other writing commitments and health issues my wife and I left the Anthology team to focus on our projects.
With that said, I have always wanted to visit the sets built by Cawley and now is my chance. Click here to read more from the Star Trek Mission NY Site
On one of the 3 events days I shall be wearing my official Galactic Hitchhiker gear obtained from Zaxley Nash’s redbubble store and taking notes for an entry in the Guide. I posted in our facebook group a few times about meeting up with other GH members but did not see many comments, so either we do not have many NY GH members, or the event conflicts with your schedule or another reason entirely.  If you wish to meet up then comment upon this article, or find me in the group, message me, email etc. I shall post updates of pictures and notes via the group each day of the event.
Live Long and Prosper

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