Thoughts on Arrival and Déjà Vu

Demetria Blacksmith

So, some of you have probably seen the New Trailer for an upcoming movie called Arrival. If not, here’s a peek:

So, watched it? Great. I adore Amy Adams in basically anything She starred in. Truly. Like, She is my favourite ever Redhead. Closely followed by a few  more very important ladies, many of them who have been in Science Fiction movies before.

Now, Arrival looks great to me. Intriguing. Alien Space Craft, One Special Person who Understands things others might not. Many emotions passed through me as I was watching the trailer, but the main emotion that I couldn’t shake off was Deja Vu.

Why, You ask? Well, let’s dig into it:

8FKaMUSH3xlnqwgoBpQSqJfasK0At first, I started getting “Contact” vibes from Amy Adams. It might have been just the beautiful pair of big blue eyes, but then again, many others things seem to be resonating with Carl Sagan’s story. Female, possibly…

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