Snow Patrol – A Hundred Million Suns

Welcome, This shall be my first of many albums I would like you to listen when you have a bit of free time. It’s more of a recommendation than a review as I suck at reviews. Deal with it.


First of all, I am fully aware this Snow Patrol album has been out for 8 years and some of you may have known it, but I am afraid I am a bit of a late bloomer. I only got around listening to this 2 years ago. That’s when I started collecting albums as I got hold onto a CD-player. I almost feel retro now as most people just listen to albums on Youtube, iTunes and Spotify.

But hey, some of us are so ancient, we just like to listen to CDs. Heck, give me a casette-player and I will be happy with that too.

Anyways, back to the album. That’s what we came for after all.


Soooo, what is there to say about “A Hundred Million Suns”? Well, to start with: It’s full of surprises. The mood of the Album changes constantly. Some of the songs start out really depressing and get deep into certain wounds while the next one following up could feel like a breath of fresh air and ensure that the healing begins. Positive, full of hopes and dreams.

But life like tends to be this rhapsodic too. It always throws something unexpected at you. And so as this album.

When it comes to themes, it is undeniable that it has a certain Science Fiction theme going on. You may doubt me about this, but even the first song is titled “If There is a Rocket, Tie me to it”.

Further down the line you may find gems like “Engines” and “The planets bend between us” following the same theme as the first mentioned.

And despite the rest of the songs seem more simple, they are actually fine pieces of writing. At least, To me, Snow Patrol will always excel when it comes to lyrics. So well thought, unconventional and meaningful. They paint their songs with heartfelt words, words, that sometimes nearly too painful to sing out loud. Their love songs are bittersweet, but hopeful. They reflect reality with all its confusing ugliness.

One song I must highlight is “The Lightning Strikes”. It is a combination of separate songs that play beautifully together.

My most favourite out of them is of course called “What if this storm ends?”. It could easily be one of their best ones so far and the best about it that you could basically edit onto any movie’s trailer and it will most likely make you cry afterwards anyway. It’s a powerful one. Again, I am not really good at describing music for my peeps, but Oh My. As soon as the piano starts playing quietly, this chill runs down my spine and as the guitar strings join into the tune accordingly, I must close my eyes to concentrate on the song.

As the lyrics come along, I cannot help but sing along and as the drums take over, I fell into a trans I find hard to get out from. It is entirely possible I may start rocking myself back and forth. It’s usually hard to take control over that as it seem to be a genuine reaction as the drums and my heartbeat start to beat the same rhythm. It doesn’t stop there though. It gradually builds up and becomes more epic as the background choirs join in, until one point it becomes quiet again to get through his point about the person who is in the middle of his Affection.

Over all, This album is worthy for your love and attention. I can guarantee you that You will find at least half of the songs memorable and will return to them time and time again. That’s what they mean to me. They are providing something I can hold on to, being happy or sad. They always give me something new.

Further down, You may find the link to the actual album. You may listen to the songs here, but mind you, it includes a few unwanted ads. However, if you do like it, I ask you dearly to get hold of it if you can. It’s something that should be on everyone’s shelf. It could save your life when you feel low. I cried on it so many times I cannot count it on my fingers. It’s good to get rid of the bad toxins. 😉

And as a bonus, I shall include my favourite live version of “The Lightning Strikes”. Enjoy the Magic:

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