Not another cat story on the internet


Those of you who know me know that I am a cat fanatic. I don’t know how it happened, I used to be more of a dog guy really. Cats worked their way into being just about my favorite creatures on our planet. My fiance Nicole and I have four living with us. After adopting each one we say we are at cat-pacity right meow, but they just keep charming their way into our hearts and home.

I have a theory that we don’t pick cats, they pick us. It started with Squee. I found our oldest around 11 years ago while walking home from work. It was night time as I cut through a local park, and from the tree line of the nearby woods I heard a desperate meowing,

“Halp! Haaaaallllp!”

By the light of my Bic lighter I found him in the brush. He was quite wary of me, I had trouble getting him to come to me, so I ran home and got Nicole to help. We were able to coax him out of the woods, where it became obvious someone had ditched him there. Barely weaned, he had been left with a can of tuna that was covered in bugs. We took him to our house, and promised him we would find him a good home. Funny how quickly the good home became ours. We had to get him to the vet very soon after, Squee had a bot fly larvae in his jaw. The doctor removed the insect, and told us that Squee was lucky we found him. He was dehydrated and it was July. He might not have made it another day out there.

Adopting Squee was really something special for Nicole and I. Looking back I think it solidified our relationship in a lot of ways. We weren’t just a couple any more, we were a family. Squee, while being kind of hateful to most other humans on the planet, (Friends who know us have scars and/or tales to tell) has been a great friend….a good boy besides being sort of a grumpy asshole most of the time. He traveled out west to Wyoming with us, camped across the country on our adventures. Our lives have been made much better by knowing him.11903889_1509853819305992_343939081152218345_n

After Nicole and I came back home to Indiana from our travels. I started work at a local pawn shop. One day a gal I worked with came in and asked if I heard a cat outside by the dumpster. I told her no, but went out to investigate. Where there is smoke, there is fire, right? What I found in our dumpster saddened me for humanity, a precious little guy in a box. A bowl of rancid milk with him, he was sickly looking and in very rough shape. Someone had, and please excuse my French here, thrown a fucking kitten in the trash. Of course I pulled him out and took him home, and once again it was funny how quickly finding him a good home became ours.

11225430_1509853122639395_4374404860943338575_n Obi-Wan is like the Dude of cats. Laid back and loving, his tender paws reach up to touch your cheek when you meet him. Squee of course hated this addition to our little family, but Squee hates everything. After a couple weeks we started to see Obi acting funny, almost as if he was drunk. Luckily Nicole works as a vet tech at a top notch animal hospital so the youngling Obi did not have to wait long for attention. Through tests and more tests and a trip to a specialist in Chicago were learned that the little Dude had a liver shunt. Essentially the blood does not get cleansed through his liver like it should, it goes around his liver through a shunt. Bypasses really don’t have to be built Mr. Proser.

Through the generosity and care of the Galactic Hitchhikers community, and some really great friends we were able to raise enough funding to get Obi a surgery to remove the shunt. Unfortunately the surgery was not successful. The surgeon confided to us that the MRIs were misleading. Obi has more shunts forming and that removing the one was just too dangerous the way it was situated, and even if he did manage to remove the shunt others would soon take its place. Obi-Wan lives on medications four times a day and a special diet, but ultimately he will have a far shorter life….we love him far more of course, and cherish every day we get to be with him.

Content to be a two cat house, it wasn’t very long until a spunky goof ball with a messed leg came into Arbor View from a local shelter. His back leg was badly damaged, either from birth or injury the doctors could not tell.  They decided it would have to be amputated, at a12237529_449380028594520_876860329_n(1) cost that the shelter could not afford. Sending him back to the shelter would mean they would have to euthanize him. Nicole watched him on the exam table. Despite dragging his leg behind him he played with the toys they offered him, still a kitten aside from the pain.  Nicole locked misty eyes with the doctor across the table and that kitten did not go back to face a death sentence at the shelter that day. That look eventually led to the adoption of a three legged wonder named Anakin. We are grateful to Arbor View’s doctors for performing his amputation for free. Ani with only three legs is quite the mover. He’s learned to climb and run, and he ends of being a rough and tumble kind of guy. In his last incarnation he was an alley cat. Head boops are strong with this one. Once again content, three cats…or 2 and ¾, as it were, was just right. My Three Sons.


As I type these words our youngest, Mac, is trying to help me by standing on my keyboard.12950213_1733905723563062_144062766_n  Yes, it happened again. I used to say I’m a sucker for a sob story and a cute face, but I am beginning to think Nicole and I are kitten addicts. I wonder if they have support groups for that. Mac came to Arbor View from a great place called Kibble Kitchen. Kibble Kitchen started as a pet food pantry, helping those that could not afford to feed their families. Now they have blossomed into a shelter and rescue, helping with spay and neutering, vaccines and adoptions. Mac was staying with them when he developed strange abscesses on several parts of his body. He was brought to Arbor View where the doctors put drains in his abscesses that had to be flushed twice a day. This is where Nicole and I come in.

We volunteered to foster him while he was on the mend. After Obi and Ani’s surgeries we had become somewhat experts on the convalescence of cats. Our spare room was set up already just for it, and remains the domain of our tribe to this day. In a few weeks’ time, and with additional help from Kibble Kitchen Mac recovered well. Being at heart an enormous softy I fell in love with Mac rather hard, and it was clear he felt the same. Mac is daddy’s boy, preferring more than most anything to sit on my shoulder, or to hug his arms around my neck. It was really hard to not want to keep a kid like that. So of course we did.

13658812_171959363219606_236469785_n(1)I believe in my heart of hearts that our lives are measured by the service we give to other beings, especially those that can never pay us back, although our boys pay us back ten thousand fold with the love and cuddles they give us. A decade of feline company and I would do anything I can for any cat. They are a great and mystical race, and my life in truly enriched by keeping their company.

Last night Nicole and I were out on the patio watching the lightning as a storm rolled in. We saw a Mama cat out by the dumpster, she was picking food out and bringing it to her two kittens who romped and played nearby in the parking lot of our apartment. We talked of who they might belong to, and the possibility of where to leave food for them. As mentioned, we have four boys, we have enough cat food to share. As the storm rolled in the trio, Mum and her kittens disappeared behind the fence nearby and we went into the house to get out of the now sudden rain.

This morning I started my day as any other. Shower, Facebook, coffee. Love you darlings were issued to Nicole and Squee, Ani, Obi, and dear little Mac. I walked down the stairs mindful of my work day, thinking of all the crap I had to do. Sunglasses on, light a smoke, turn the ignition. What happened next shattered my heart.

I pulled out from my parking spot and heard a great yowl. I slammed the car to a stop to see one of the poor little kitten writhing in my parking spot. I panicked. I ran upstairs to get Nicole. She ran down with me to see if he was okay, but sadly there was nothing that could be done. I sat sobbing in the parking lot as Nicole carefully wrapped him in a towel. Through my tears I saw a spot of blood on the blacktop. I fell to pieces.  We rushed him to Arbor View, knowing that it was too late, but wanting to be sure he was not suffering.

Little guy never had a shot in life. My heart is heavy as I write these words. How could this happen? How could this happen to me of all people? My life literally revolves around our cats. I blame myself for not seeing, for not knowing; but I know I really can’t. Neglect and human stupidity are at fault, but not my own. Cats are domesticated animals and need people to keep care of them. If a cat has kittens it is the responsibility of the cat’s caretaker to take care of the younglings too, or at a minimum be aware that your pet has made offspring.

Our boys don’t go outside, they are perfectly happy. I know a lot of people like to let theirs cats outside, and while I disagree personally, at least be sure to spay and neuter. Be aware of your cat, be mindful of its health and well-being. If you don’t, why do you have a cat?

At Arbor View they discovered the kitten was covered in fleas. The saddest part is that the little guy I hit today had a poor chance at life anyways, because people did not care. No cat should be without love, protection, and care.  No cat should be without head boops, cuddles, and mysterious red dots.

The good news is they don’t have to. There are lots of people to care, far enough to go around. Every community has a shelter, get involved! Donate if you can, if not even your time, no bit of help is too little to make a difference. Yes, there are plenty of ills in the world, woes a plenty bigger and more worrisome; but hope is a fire. Kindled small it can grow and light the world. Be someone’s hope.  Be a light.


We get it bro, you vape


Since the First Great Revolt against the Lizards failed, the US government and their Annunaki masters have been trying to find a better way to deliver mind control drugs and nano-bots to the populace.  An elaborate system of filling the air with these substances via commercial airlines worked great for decades, until some guy on YouTube thwarted the entire chem-trail operation.Contrail.fourengined.arp

Knowing that the chem-trail mind control was needed so that the American population would think that FEMA death camps we a pretty good idea, a secret cabal of gingers, lizards and robots met with Hitler in the center of the Earth to find a new way to deliver them.sleestak-original-land-of-the-lost-sid-marty-kroft-1974

With the evil Youtube activists busy exposing the New World Order’s plan to use GMOs to turn people gay, scientists devised their ultimate plot. They would market the chem-trails for direct consumption. Small devices were built and given to Hipsters that would allow them to inhale the chem-trails directly. These hipsters would be bound by the nano-bots to tell  anyone in earshot how this “vaping,” (as they came to call it) is far healthier than traditional cigarettes.


Patriotic nano-bot dispersal 

The plot would have worked if not for the Chinese. Immediately upon discovering the plot they flooded the market with their own vape-trails, which infected those who inhaled them with Communism and small penises…..even the girls. This has caused two factions of Vapers to emerge. The first, under the control of Hitler and his minions of the NWO, and the second under Chinese Communist dominance.


Chem trails secretly distributed around the globe 

Since these two warring factions are virtually indistinguishable it is advised that all vapers are avoided. The cease of commercial airline chem-trail distribution has elevated Vapers to the first wave of the attack. Although they come in many forms they can be witnessed most often congregating to discuss parts of their vaping apparatus, coil size, wattage and so on.  They will often be overheard in non-smoking establishments explaining that it isn’t smoke, it is vapor. If you are uncertain, announce that you are going to have a cigarette, the Vaper will not be able to resist telling you all about vaping.


Editor’s note: Take me to your lizard. Hail Hydra. Originally posted on the Mark 1 site, now lost to time. 

Snow Patrol – A Hundred Million Suns

Welcome, This shall be my first of many albums I would like you to listen when you have a bit of free time. It’s more of a recommendation than a review as I suck at reviews. Deal with it.


First of all, I am fully aware this Snow Patrol album has been out for 8 years and some of you may have known it, but I am afraid I am a bit of a late bloomer. I only got around listening to this 2 years ago. That’s when I started collecting albums as I got hold onto a CD-player. I almost feel retro now as most people just listen to albums on Youtube, iTunes and Spotify.

But hey, some of us are so ancient, we just like to listen to CDs. Heck, give me a casette-player and I will be happy with that too.

Anyways, back to the album. That’s what we came for after all.


Soooo, what is there to say about “A Hundred Million Suns”? Well, to start with: It’s full of surprises. The mood of the Album changes constantly. Some of the songs start out really depressing and get deep into certain wounds while the next one following up could feel like a breath of fresh air and ensure that the healing begins. Positive, full of hopes and dreams.

But life like tends to be this rhapsodic too. It always throws something unexpected at you. And so as this album.

When it comes to themes, it is undeniable that it has a certain Science Fiction theme going on. You may doubt me about this, but even the first song is titled “If There is a Rocket, Tie me to it”.

Further down the line you may find gems like “Engines” and “The planets bend between us” following the same theme as the first mentioned.

And despite the rest of the songs seem more simple, they are actually fine pieces of writing. At least, To me, Snow Patrol will always excel when it comes to lyrics. So well thought, unconventional and meaningful. They paint their songs with heartfelt words, words, that sometimes nearly too painful to sing out loud. Their love songs are bittersweet, but hopeful. They reflect reality with all its confusing ugliness.

One song I must highlight is “The Lightning Strikes”. It is a combination of separate songs that play beautifully together.

My most favourite out of them is of course called “What if this storm ends?”. It could easily be one of their best ones so far and the best about it that you could basically edit onto any movie’s trailer and it will most likely make you cry afterwards anyway. It’s a powerful one. Again, I am not really good at describing music for my peeps, but Oh My. As soon as the piano starts playing quietly, this chill runs down my spine and as the guitar strings join into the tune accordingly, I must close my eyes to concentrate on the song.

As the lyrics come along, I cannot help but sing along and as the drums take over, I fell into a trans I find hard to get out from. It is entirely possible I may start rocking myself back and forth. It’s usually hard to take control over that as it seem to be a genuine reaction as the drums and my heartbeat start to beat the same rhythm. It doesn’t stop there though. It gradually builds up and becomes more epic as the background choirs join in, until one point it becomes quiet again to get through his point about the person who is in the middle of his Affection.

Over all, This album is worthy for your love and attention. I can guarantee you that You will find at least half of the songs memorable and will return to them time and time again. That’s what they mean to me. They are providing something I can hold on to, being happy or sad. They always give me something new.

Further down, You may find the link to the actual album. You may listen to the songs here, but mind you, it includes a few unwanted ads. However, if you do like it, I ask you dearly to get hold of it if you can. It’s something that should be on everyone’s shelf. It could save your life when you feel low. I cried on it so many times I cannot count it on my fingers. It’s good to get rid of the bad toxins. 😉

And as a bonus, I shall include my favourite live version of “The Lightning Strikes”. Enjoy the Magic:

Alienated – Where Did My Story Come From?

So, what is Alienated exactly?

I have never made a blog post about it, but it is a project I have been slaving over for a long time now. It all started as my project for the 2014 NaNoWriMo. It wasn’t perfect and I wasn’t quite sure it would survive the first few pages.

The idea for the story came to me probably after a long day out. I was sitting on a bus, on the way home, exhausted and a little bit probably tipsy. No, not drunk… To be honest, I probably only had like two bottles of cider and that’s that. However, I felt quite odd and out of place. My memories are a little bit mushy now, so I don’t know how the idea found me. I was thinking about starting a story that is on a bus, full of strangers, who did not know each other… But what if something happened to them? What if their fate will inevitably cross and doom them to get to know each other…

Now, at that point of blurriness, Aliens came into the picture. What if some of those alien abduction stories were true? What if Aliens do abduct humans with a certain frequency? Maybe they do experiments on them, use them as slaves or impregnate them? It could happen… OF course it is entirely possible that after the abduction you manage to escape, only to figure out you are way too far from home to get back in a whip…

Perhaps you are out there, with a complete nutter, thinking how you would get back to your pale blue planet in time to marry the love of your life…

How would you get back? How long it would take it? Could you survive without having a nervous breakdown and lose your mind completely?

According to the Free Dictionary :

Alienate could mean: “To cause to become withdrawn or unresponsive; isolate ordissociate emotionally.”

alienated also means: adj

“indifferent, unfriendly, or hostile”
Now, It is perfectly plausible that they would feel alienated and isolated in such a situation… But, if you think a little bit longer and play with the words… Perhaps they become aliens too. They must. They are off their planet… Hence they are ALIENated. You got it? Please, humans, tell me it makes sense for you too.
P.S.: Below you may observe the famous bus, being beamed up by a UFO.
(Originally posted on Demetria Blacksmith’s Official Blog, 2nd April, 2016. )

Happy Independence Day!

6936519-independence-day-movie (1)

A Happy Independence Day to all our American froods!

 On 4th of July we celebrate/inebriate that one time when we kicked the King of England’s Fireworks Flagarse. As we can clearly see, no longer are hard working Americans subject to taxation without representation, and religious freedom for all is abound from sea to shining sea. Ass_35e48f_626237 Each year Colonial patriots wear sleeveless shits in an apparent display of their right to bare arms, and light fireworks to scare the King of England from coming back. (It is well known that all British monarchs  are easily frightened by loud noises)

If you should see the King of England:

  • State in a firm voice “We have no tea for you,” and point away.
  • Have a friend light a bottle rocket or roman candle, DO NOT lose eye contact with MTMxNjM0MjYxMTQ4MDUyMDk5George III
  • If the King still has not slithered back to the tree line, grab a flag, wave it, and sing the Star Spangled Banner. This display should trick George III into thinking the American is going to mate, and he will flee for fear of an awkward situation like any good Englishmen would.
  • Send a signal to your fellow ‘Mericans by sending up rockets red glare if you see the King, one if by land, two if by sea,  F-18 if we need Will Smith to take down George III’s mothership.
  • Remember, the louder the explosion the more effective it will be as a deterrent to protect your BBQ or holiday get-together from taxation by the Crown; but in a pinch even a snap, or snake can get the job done.

Have a fun and safe 4th all, but not too safe….what’s the fun in that?



For the Love of Star Trek

This article was posted in early June as a prelude to seeing the For the Love of Spock documentary on the previous version of the GH website. My wife and I have since seen the film and a review forthcoming.  This article is the beginning of a series concerning the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek.  Following this article in June I conducted an interview with Star Trek author Keith DeCandido alongside my fellow slouchers Zaxley and Jared. That interview is available on our Sub-Etha Channel 42 waveband but I shall be writing an article to supplement the interview very soon.

At the age of 44, I have been a Star Trek fan for the last 38 or so years of my life. I first grew up with the adventures of Bilbo, Frodo, Gandalf, Hobbits, Dwarves and more from the work of JRR Tolkien. In 1977 at the age of 5 my father took me to see Star Wars: A New Hope in the theater, and have been a lifelong fan of both Tolkien and Star Wars ever since. Both have been influential in my life to this day, as a person and as a writer. However, Star Trek is greatly embedded in my heart, mind and creativity. Trek inspires me in different, and sometimes greater, ways than Tolkien or Star Wars. In this article I will talk a bit about my own personal Star Trek fandom, the passing of Leonard Nimoy, the film For the Love of Spock by his son Adam, and the Star Trek 50th Anniversary here at Galactic Hitchhikers.

I have watched and re-watched all of TOS, TNG and other spin-off shows, such as Enterprise, which my wife and I are currently nearing the end of its 4 season run in our re-watch. I fondly recall at the age of 6 or so being in the living room of our Brooklyn apartment on the floor playing with Spock and Kirk dolls, 1978 or thereabout, with my younger brother. We would re-enact the adventures we saw on television with those Trek dolls and rather than using our thumb and forefingers as guns, like in a game of cops and robbers, our pretend pistols would be phasers shooting Klingons or some other bad alien encountered by Kirk and Spock.
In 1979, at the age of 7, my father took me to the Woodhaven theatre to see Star Trek The Motion Picture. I was in awe to see Trek on the big screen, to this day TMP holds a very special place in my heart and very grateful to have seen it in the theatre at the time.  My younger brother was too young at the time to go see the movie with us,and sit still for the whole thing. But he saw it when he was older with my parents and I on VHS. It was in 1982 when I first “met,” an actor from Star Trek.  My father took me to Queensboro Community College for an event hosted by William Shatner.  I clearly recall filing into the small auditorium (at least I recall it being small) and seeing Captain Kirk up at the podium, William Shatner himself. He spoke a bit of his role and then the episode “Shore Leave” was screened. To this day because of that event, I love that episode even more! It’s fantastical elements, being a fan of fantasy, it humor and funny bits, drama of the situation all resonate positively with me. As a child, adolescent and teen I was writing a bit, thanks to my parents who allowed me to read anything I wanted and encouraged the creativity.  I still have Star Trek short stories, and even an attempt at a script for an episode, which one as a TNG attempt at bringing the Gorn into the TNG universe.

DT_TREK_ARTICLE+2The Shatner Queensboro Community College event was the beginning of a taste for conventions for me, celebrating Trek with other fans. While in high school, 1986-1990, my best friend Brian and I were inseparable friends and big Star Trek fans.  We watched, at either of our homes, TNG, DS9, and Voyager. Whenever I watch an episode from those series, I cannot help but to reminisce about those beloved moments of my life with him. Unfortunately, Brian was bound to a wheelchair due to Muscular Dystrophy.  After high school, I joined the US Navy and Brian went on to college; we drifted apart a bit but when I was discharged we got together again and would explore Trek a bit more. It was not often Brian went out to events by himself as it would require public transportation, which was at times a hardship. His parents had a special van with a lift that would take him place to place. However we did convince his parents to allow us to travel on public transportation to a convention, which I shall never forget.  In 1995 my best friend fell ill and passed away from complications of Muscular Dystrophy. I did not watch the entire run of Enterprise when it first aired due to a few personal reasons and complications in my life– one being it would have been the 1st series I did not watch with Brian.

However, it was not until the 1990’s that I first attended a Trek convention, and one with my friend Brian as cited above.  The NYC Penn Hotel, as it was called at the time hosted numerous conventions where I met many actors/actresses from not only TOS, but TNG, DS9 etc. I fondly recall asking George Takei a question about fencing, meeting James Doohan and discussing Star Trek VI, and riding the escalator with Jonathan Frakes. I also joined a small Trek fan group here on Staten Island (the often forgotten borough of NYC), where we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the 1st moon walk.

Since that time conventions have become hugely popular, but became less and less prominent in NYC. But I have consistently maintained my fandom reading the novels, meeting authors who I admire like Keith DeCandido and corresponding with and Friending a few others on Facebook like Dayton Ward, Michael Jan Friedman, Peter David, and David Mack. Additionally, I have my ever growing collection of Star Trek items, at times having to shuffle bookshelves and other areas with which to accommodate costumes, props, toys, and models.

With the passing of Trek related stars, James Doohan, DeForest Kelley and others I found myself very emotional,  having a cry at hearing the news. The Trek greats that have left us are hard as they portrayed characters we all know and love. As fans we may have met them, had a personal moment to share at a con, and admired their non-Trek work and life events. Each Trek character has skills and expertise we admired, and perhaps related to in someway, equally so with their life events, such as James Doohan and Leonard Nimoy’s military service for example.

On February 27th 2015 the world lost another Star Trek persona, Leonard Nimoy, who as we all know portrayed the iconic character of Spock.  This loss was absolutely devastating to fans: the emotion and the shock.  I saw the news and cried, that deep well within our chest that boils up and vibrates our soul just poured out.  My wife and I wept while watching news reports, reading online stories and picking up the local newspapers, some of which I saved in our library. It was not that Spock was just a character on a TV show; it was that as I grew older, certain aspects of that character became a part of me. From looking at situations logically, approaching decisions rationally, collecting data, and research playing prominently in my career as an Independent Scholar and Writer.  Whether it was from memories of reading I AM SPOCK,  listening to “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins,” or collecting the Spock doll from my childhood, the Enterprise’s resident Vulcan was as much a part of my character make-up as that of the work of Tolkien.

ClwvP4tWQAA37KiOn June 3rd 2015 the son of Leonard Nimoy, Adam Nimoy, launched a project on Kickstarter to honor his father’s legacy, a documentary film entitled For the Love of Spock. This was a project I immediately felt absolutely needed to be made.  Of all the fan films being made (some I enjoy more than the others) and Trek-related projects, this was this one I have felt the strongest for.  When this project was launched, my wife and I had a bit more room in our budget than we do currently so we pledged alongside 9,439 others. We donated toward a package that included 2 tickets to the For the Love of Spock NYC Screening and Reception.  Within the last few days I sent in the survey for the backer screening of our choice and we chose June 24th at the  The Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater

This will be the 2nd major event I am attending during the year long festivities surrounding Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary. What better way that to honor Trek, a beloved actor and character than being a part of a film and event than one celebrating the life and legacy of Leonard Nimoy as told by his son in For the Love of Spock. The idea of donating was not just the cool package of a screening and reception, but to be a part of something special, a film that would be an essential part of our collective fandom.

I cite this event being the 2nd major event my wife and I will be attending. On March 5th 2016, Star Trek the Ultimate Voyage Symphony Concert came to Madison Square Garden, right across the street from where I first attended a Star Trek Convention.  We had bought tickets when they first went on sale, but there was a Facebook contest for free tickets. A part of the rules was you had to write a review of the event for the Ultimate Voyage website if you won the tickets.  I said what the heck,  entered into the contest, and noted, as per the rules, about being a writer.  A few weeks later I was notified I had won!!! So I made all the arrangements with the crew from Ultimate Voyage, and attended the concert with 2 friends, which I had given our bought tickets to.  I spent the entire weekend writing, with my wife, the review, which you can read here

For me, celebrating 50 years of Star Trek is a monumental occasion.  Of course I was 6 years away from being born when Star Trek first aired, but to be a fan of something that has endured for 50 years in popular appeal, has integrated into pop culture, and has been a part of cultural consciousness is mindblowing. I am without words at times as how much Star Trek means to me and millions of other fans.

It is with this I shall close by saying that this article will serve as an introduction into the Galactic Hitchhiker’s celebration of Star Trek’s 50th. I encourage all of you to post your own personal Star Trek stories, reviews, events and pictures.
If you are in NYC and wish to join fellow Galactic Hitchhikers at 2 upcoming events: The Starfleet Academy Experience at the Intrepid Museum (Opening July 9th)

And/or Star Trek Missions NYC at the Javitts Center September 2-4, then please join our facebook group


Doing is being. I reprise.

You should write. I say to me. Every day. I sit, I stare, I think. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Mostly not. I am blocked.

I am taking things for granted. I believe I deserve it. When I am not.
I have a table. It came with the room.
I have a chair. I took it from an old ladies’ house.

I have time. Hours. Yet I spend it on Facebook and wonder;
Where does the time gone? What have I done?
I lay my head down at the end of the day, knowing nothing has been done and the day is gone.

I wake up in the morning, hoping I will find the Inspiration. The Muse sitting at the end of the bed, breakfast steady and ready for another day of victory.
And suddenly, it’s 9 pm and the time is gone. We have none. I feel guilty.
I had a chance, I had the time. I had the same time as every other human being.

Yet, I failed, gracefully. I betrayed myself and my story.
I lied and I cheated my way through, ending the day with not a page, but nothing to show.
I will write tomorrow, I will write another day.
It’s easy to say.

There is no pressure. There is no urge.
What a foolish thing to say.
When one could step in front a bus any day.
Being hit by a car by accident. Being an arm-length from an exploding bomb. Mad days are coming, anything is possible.

Doing is Being, as my mentor, Ray Bradbury Said. So I must Do.

„…To not to do is to die,
Or lie about and lie about the things
You just might do some day.
Away with that!
…Let your body lead your mind –
Blood the guide dog to the blind;
So then practice and rehearse
To find heart-soul’s Universe,
Knowing that by moving/seeing
Proves for all time: Doing’s being!”

Fixed Brad


The Bighorn Medicine Wheel


Across the plains of the American West, nestled high up in Wyoming‘s mountains is the Bighorn Medicine Wheel. The Wheel is a Native American sacred site, and a National Historic Site. Situated some 9,600 feet above sea level on Medicine Mountain, towering above the tree line, its repose overlooks the Big Horn Basin. The site was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1970; recently the area was expanded to encompass nearly the entire sacred mountain it rests on. As a US Historic Landmark, the Wheel is protected by the Forest Service in conjunction with a council of Native Americans – the Medicine Wheel Coalition – which consists of Natives from 79 tribes.

Who Built It?

No one is quite sure who built the landmark. The US Forest Service dates it as being built between 1200 and 1700 AD. It is nearly impossible to tell, as stone cannot be dated save for estimations based on lichen growth. Crow Indian legends say the Wheel was already in place when their tribe arrived in the area, which was in around 1200 AD. Natives have been traversing the area for nearly 10,000 years, so when it was built and why will likely remain a mystery. When the Wheel was built, or why, prove in modern times to be a moot point. Natives and non-Natives alike, from nearly all parts of the world, pay visit to the sacred place. We may never know what the Wheel was used for in the past, but we know what it is used for now. Over 100 tribes of Native Americans still use the site to the present day for ceremonies and vision quests, just as is suspected it once hosted long ago.1057435_625236334162167_1950937918_o

The Medicine Wheel itself is around 245 feet (75m) in circumference, with 28 spokes hemmed in by a circle of stone. There are seven cairns; a larger central cairn is surrounded by six others around the circle, five of which are touching the Wheel, with one about 10 feet (3m) away. Four of these cairns face the center of the Wheel, the other two face north and east respectively. These cairns are believed to have been shelters for vision quests, and may at one time have been covered in skins supported by lumber. Today it is enclosed by a rope and timber fence; non-Native visitors are asked to stay outside. Native Americans are allowed to enter the Wheel, and special provisions can be arranged if Natives want to hold a ceremony inside.

Getting There


The road up to the Wheel is uphill both ways

The road up to the Wheel itself was closed to traffic in 1993; visitors today are asked to walk the mile and a half to the site. This helps to preserve the sense of the sacred. The pilgrimage helps to set one in the right mindset and prevents this special place from becoming little more than a roadside attraction. In years past, before the road was closed, much of the alpine vegetation had been trampled nearly to death; some of the plant life takes nearly 20 years to regrow. Those who feel they cannot make the walk up are allowed to drive, but it is amazing how few actually take advantage of this. While the road is a bit rough and undulating in its course, offering the intrepid a walk both up and downhill, it is a rewarding hike.



Offering are tied to the fence around the site. The Sun rises on the Summer Solstice. 

The fence surrounding the Wheel is covered with offerings left by Natives. Prayer flags are tied to the ropes, as well as various medicine bags and other trinkets. These offerings are truly fascinating; the types of offerings are as varied as the many tribes who visit the site. Each of these offerings has a story behind them, and if one is sensitive to such things they empower the site with a further sense of the sacred. This writer has seen so many interesting offerings left, a wedding ring, a set of dog tags, pictures and sometimes notes are tucked under stones along the circumference. Although it is discouraged, non-Natives leave offerings as well. Some of these are removed from the site by the district archaeologist – those that are deemed non-traditional such as bits made of plastic, commercial items, and coins. These items, while removed from the Wheel, are buried nearby by the archaeologist so long as they don’t pose an environmental threat. Often times the offerings left reflect the many reasons people visit the site. Some come from mere curiosity, more come for deeper reasons. Many come to pray or meditate, others to grieve a loss or mourn. Many come to ask a blessing, or just to celebrate life itself.

Visitors are asked to walk around the circle to the left, or sun-wise. In many traditions, both Native and European, this direction promotes a positive flow of energies. Many say that just the act of walking as such is to invoke a blessing. Some theories say that the eddy-diagramWheel is aligned astronomically, the eastern cairn is said to align with the rising sun on the summer solstice, but whether this is coincidence or by design is subject to speculation.

It is quite interesting to note that the Medicine Mountain, which the Wheel rests upon, is itself considered sacred to Native Americans. Geologically the site is a rarity, being one of only several places in the world that is a ‘nucleus of continents’. This means that the rock that the mountain comprises was among the first stone to cool when the Earth was still molten, billions of years ago. Perhaps the Natives who built the Wheel somehow knew intuitively that there was something special about the mountain. There is no way to know for certain of course, but the fact is rather auspicious nevertheless.







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Hey there, fellow Hitchhikers!

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I Know you might be thinking:


But there are countless numbers of stars in Outer Space and chances are that many of them already has life, even intelligent life on them. Why would it seem so hard to imagine then that a member of an Alien Civilization would come to Earth in order to Explore… Experiment… or Destroy on our planet. Anything is possible.

Of course, it is also entirely possible that they only came around for a Vacation. The kinda vacation that British kids have at Ibiza. Lot of drugs, Sex and Awful Music. Maybe some of them are trying to break into the Music industry themselves. That would explain an awful lot, if You ask me.


I am pleased to tell you now that you no longer have to think for hours trying to figure it Who is Who in the Galaxy.

D.A.D. is here to help.

What is D.A.D. You may ask? D.A.D, aka Declassified Alien Dossier is a comprehensive collection of data that examines certain humanoid creatures who may or may not have migrated from another Star System. We aim to prove our theories with solid evidence that should satisfy the public, especially the conspiracy theorists.

There are many creatures out there who engage with the public on a daily basis and manage to draw attention to them with their odd behaviour without ever raising any suspicions about their origins. It has to stop. We must acknowledge their existence for what they are. Aliens. That is the only way to ensure that the future generations of humans will not fall under the spell of our potential Alien Overlords.

Call me paranoid, but chances are not all of them came in peace. It is entirely possible that some of them are attempting to dumb down the human race so We would fall more easily in their traps, when the Alien Invasion begins.

We must be cautious. We must take care. We must walk with our eyes open and always question what we see.